Terms and Conditions

Terms of Service


Any usage of this service (kkVPN) and other such interactions will require acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, and you (the user) will be bound to these terms. By using this service and/or creating an account, you represent that you are at least 18 years of age, and you will be subject to these Terms of Service. If you refuse to abide by these terms, please refrain from using this service. Failure to read and understand these terms can result in possible termination of your account if they are breached. We reserve the rights to terminate your account if we believe your account has in any way broken the Terms.


These terms may be updated periodically by the company and it is the user’s responsibility to check in to make sure their activities are compliant with the terms and understand what the terms state. No notifications will be forwarded.

Privacy Policy

kkVPN L2TP service:

At time of signup an account, you’ll be providing your email address in order to create a new account for you.

kkVPN mobile App:

After you agree to these terms, and kkVPN starts to connect, kkVPN collects some device info such as IP address, OS version, device name, model. You are recommended to enter an email address in case later you want to restore your account in case of events such as device switch.

kkVPN provides a valuable service by encrypting data packets between your device and the services/websites you visit so that hackers, service providers, and other men-in-the-middle will not be able to decrypt such data packets and will not be able to tell what you are trying to visit so that your data privacy is protected. kkVPN does have access to your data packets in order to encrypt and decrypt. But kkVPN does not do deep packet analysis nor does it store such data packets on the servers.

For both:

kkVPN reserves the ability to hold onto a minimum set of user info in order to be able to provide the service to the user. For example email address might be asked from you. Additionally, kkVPN saves information such as time and date user logged onto our servers into log files for the purpose of possible analysis of performance, and to prevent attacks on our servers. This information is deleted from our servers within a reasonable time period such as hours, days, a few weeks the longest and none of it will be sold for profit nor leaked or disclosed for any sort of exploitation. The only exception to this is when we might have no choice but to comply when the US government legally requests such info.

kkVPN is not yet in compliance with European GDPR privacy protection regulations. We ask you do not use our services in case you are located in the European Union or UK.

When you want to have your account canceled, and your info. deleted from our servers, you can contact customer care for such a request. kkVPN will deactivate your account and might hold on to your account info for months and eventually remove your account info off our systems within 12 months. 

Payment and Refund Policy

Unless our payment processor partner permits, otherwise in general kkVPN offers no refunds for any service it provides, and the user will be charged for any purchases they make for the full duration of the allotted service. As a result, we recommend that you consider your purchase carefully before going through with it, and thorough usage of our free services before deciding to make a purchase. If uncertain, perhaps a shorter duration service would be more beneficial. We offer free service that would allow users to try and test our services before they decide to purchase for higher level of services.

Cancelation and Auto-pay

kkVPN does not support auto-pay. Customers prepay one-off monthly/quarterly/annual payments whenever they need the service, and stop paying/using the service as they see fit. For convenience, customers can choose to pay for longer period of time such as annually vs. monthly. kkVPN doesn’t usually offer refund as previous section stated. Customers can cancel their account any time by contacting customer care. 

Usage and Security

It is important for the user to note that local laws still apply when using kkVPN. kkVPN is in no way implicated nor responsible for any unlawful activities, including publication of pornography, virus or spam email distribution, and and other damage caused when using our service, and is strongly against illegal usage of our service. It is the user’s responsibility to maintain those laws and it is up to the company’s discretion at whether your activity breaks the terms and whether your account should be terminated. kkVPN encrypts your data, it doesn’t ensure 100% anonymity online and other such protections. Caution with your information is still needed, and the user is responsible for their own actions. If for any reason your login is compromised, please inform support.

Our main priority is to provide you with the information you need to use our service. However, we cannot be held responsible for any damages or deficiencies caused by actions outside of our control, including third-party interference, network issues, miscommunications, and payment mishaps. Any losses caused by these kinds of service interruptions are not the company’s liability.

Similarly, losses caused by not following the terms, not paying the company their due for services provided, invalid registration, or otherwise breaking the company’s influence and control on the situation at hand will not be compensated for nor will it be the company’s liability to manage and fix.

All logos and names on the websites and in any communications are owned by the company and are not to be used for commercial reuse by third parties unless given explicit permission to do so. Agreement to the terms means you will not unlawfully use intellectual property and can be held accountable for violating the terms.

Final Statement

Once again, it is up to the company’s discretion whether your activities break the aforementioned terms. If any activities are determined to break the terms, your account will be terminated at our discretion.